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As a client of Panfili Financial Services, Inc., you will receive quarterly updates including our Analysis & Commentaries:

Third Quarter 2021

Edward J. Panfili

"Bottom line, we will weather the storms as they appear."

Second Quarter 2021

Edward J. Panfili

"The question we are being asked most frequently today is, 'how much longer will the strong market continue."

Fourth Quarter 2020

Edward J. Panfili

"This time of year is spent with thoughts of the months behind us and pondering financial markets...."

First Quarter 2021

Edward J. Panfili

"This past quarter and year have been quite positive. Recovery from the pandemic...."

Third Quarter 2020

Edward J. Panfili

"Election 2020 and Possible Portfolio Impact...."

Second Quarter 2020

Edward J. Panfili

"2020 started with such great promise of strong economic performance.  Through mid-February, we believed...."

First Quarter 2020

Edward J. Panfili

"We are publishing this commentary a few weeks later than normal. COVID-19 caught us all offguard...."

Fourth Quarter 2019

Margo Porter Panfili

"We ended the third quarter on an upbeat note, but words like choppy and wild do come to mind...."

Third Quarter 2019

Margo Porter Panfili

"We are fundamental investors who believe that the tortoise wins the race...."

Second Quarter 2019

Edward J. Panfili

"It seems every bit of potentially negative news sends traders into a tizzy...."

First Quarter 2019

Edward J. Panfili

"Be patient.  Be rewarded."

Fourth Quarter 2018

Edward J. Panfili

"Historically, the market has always recovered from corrections."

Third Quarter 2018

Margo Porter Panfili

"While the last recession was awful, we hung on and believed in our economy..."

Second Quarter 2018

Edward J.  Panfili

"I believe the future is very bright for patient, long-term investors....."

First Quarter 2018

Margo Porter Panfili

"The patient investor, one who doesn't panic when the markets are in turmoil, has been rewarded. 

Fourth Quarter 2017

Edward J. Panfili

"It is clear investors are buoyant about the impact the new tax law will have on the economy."

Third Quarter 2017

Edward J. Panfili

"A future correction will happen, but no one knows when."

Second Quarter 2017

Edward J. Panfili

"One thing I have learned over the past thirty years..."

First Quarter 2017

Edward J. Panfili

"We choose to embrace the future..."

Fourth Quarter 2016

Edward J. Panfili

"Why would the election of Mr. Trump bode well for the markets?"

Third Quarter 2016

Edward J. Panfili

"Volatility is the price we must pay to achieve the superior returns provided to the patient investor."

Second Quarter 2016

Edward J. Panfili

"Well, hasn't this been an exciting couple of weeks?"

First Quarter 2016

Margo Porter Panfili

",,,the question we ask ourselves during times like these is, "Why do we put ourselves through all this turmoil."

Fourth Quarter 2015

Edward J. Panfili

"It takes time, and patience, but the long-term investor has historically been rewarded."

Third Quarter 2015

Edward J. Panfili

"King Solomon states in Ecclesiastics 1:9 - "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun."

Second Quarter 2015

Edward J. Panfili

"The markets will work their way through this muddled mess just as they have in the past."

First Quarter 2015

Edward J. Panfili

"What I do have are several indicators of what the future may have for us as investors."

Fourth Quarter 2014

Edward J. Panfili

"If you focus on the yo-yo, all you see is the up-down-up-down… and lose sight of the fact that the overall progress has been upward."

Third Quarter 2014

​Margo Porter Panfili

"The truth of the matter is that the world is full of amazing people, great companies and pioneering entrepreneurs."

Second Quarter 2014

​Edward J. Panfili

"There are a number of companies that we feel are significantly overvalued, but we still see that this market has value and continue to have no trouble finding places to invest new cash."

First Quarter 2014 

​Edward J. Panfili

"March 9th marked the fifth anniversary of the stock market bottom following the panic that began in October of 2007. That nearly eighteen month period, from the high in 2007 to the low in 2009, was the most terrifying period of my thirty-five year financial services career...."

Fourth Quarter 2013 

​Edward J. Panfili

"In my 30+ years in this business, there have always been reasons not to invest. The undoing of economic revivals are a constant concern. Geopolitical problems have been with us for a very long time. Yet, in spite of these ever-present issues, our economy has continued to move forward."

Third Quarter 2013 

​Edward J. Panfili

"As we say regularly, market corrections are part of a healthy market. While they are uncomfortable to endure, they ensure that markets avoid over-exuberance."

Second Quarter 2013 

​Edward J. Panfili

"So, yes, the expected correction happened.  I said we should be thankful for them, these corrections, but after all these years I still hate going through them...."

First Quarter 2013 

​Edward J. Panfili

"Now, it seems that we have made it through the so-called “Sequester” relatively unscathed as well....."

Fourth Quarter 2012 

​Edward J. Panfili

"Not only did the world not end on December 21st, as suggested by the Mayan calendar...."

Third Quarter 2012 

​Edward J. Panfili

"The market continues to shake-off the constant barrage of negative news confronting it...."

Second Quarter 2012

​Edward J. Panfili

"As expected, the stock market is continuing to scratch and claw its way back from the bottom of the 2009 pit..."

First Quarter 2012

​Edward J. Panfili

"From what I understand the stock market and bond markets have moved up, but ONLY because the gov't has flooded the market with excess printed money over the last three years..."


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